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Why Do Men Want to Find Plus-sized Singles?

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The topic of BBW is very popular now. There were varies of researches investigating the reasons why such kind of women was so attractive to men. Expect for those reasons we may hear, something else is discovered. Guess what? An interesting result is that most admirers are men more than 35 years old. It’s a very interesting fact. Are you one of them? Let’s see how many lines you would agree with.

1)Beautiful Body-Shape

When it comes to BBW, it emerges an image in people minds that a big woman with a good curve and 3 B (chest, hips, and abdomen). To a man who loves passionate sex, chubby women’ 3B bring them an association with the sexual strength that demands sex satisfaction. Their body is bouncy and very smack-able and kissable when you’re getting intimate. Their skin is sweet and supple and highly sensitive to your touch. That’s also the reason why most of the men are easily addicted themselves at porn sites on account of such kind of women have curvy shapes with real humps, big breast, and big ass and easily imagine sex with them.

2)Socialistic Ideals

From the socialistic ideals that the advertising and weight loss industries have forced us to believe that basically, you are not attractive if you are fat. Back in medieval times, being "fat" was a sign of wealth while skinny looks sometimes leave an unhealthy or an impression on people. Do you have heard #MeToo movement? (A movement against the objectification of women as sex objects.) The explosion of this event represents the criticism of people’s pursuit of traditional shrinking bottom line. The trend away from super-thin models and towards fully figured frames is embodied in the newfound rise of plus-sized women. Big ladies exactly means a real style and a natural state of women.

3) Virtuous Housewife

For most chubby chasers, BBW is the incarnation of the sexy goddess. In fact, except for their stunning curves, women who are plus-sized are also candidates of the good wife. Though it’s said that women with enough confidence are more beautiful, sometimes being overweight plays the role of the barrier, too. They don’t like people place too much attention on them. The majority of them would like to stay at home in their free time and don’t like to be active outside home. As a result, we can reasonably infer that this genre of ladies is simple in nature, loyal to their family, and even adept at cooking. It is a domestic woman who is always waiting for her man at home with sweet smiles, soft hugs, and tasty dinners.

4) An opportunity for Mature Men

Like the article mentioned earlier, men who love chubby women are usually over 35 years old. Why? As we all know, 35 years old of age is a dilemma for man. After this crisis, their thoughts about life and career is going to be filled with something new, which gave them a further idea that what’s exactly a lifestyle they want, the expectations in the rest of life, and a right partner they want to spend this life with. And then there are some men turn the attention to Big and Beautiful Woman, a real style of plus people. Because a real BBW isn’t simply a fat woman, she should be well-dressed, be polite in communication, and all her behavior and self-presentation demonstrate great charming that attract men. She should be proud of her humps and full body-shape. And such kind of plus people could be a strong soul mate which would offer real support and love. Men over the 35 years of age know how to appreciate that.

All the above opinions are about Why Do Man Prefer Plus-Sized Woman. Do you meet any of the above?

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